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At Elevated Perspective Life Coaching we want you to be in the know. Here are reviews from people who have interacted  and engaged with Keith to set the scene as to what a session could be like for you.


Keith is such an incredibly supportive, empathetic and understanding person. I've recently gone through some huge life transitions and he's helped me process all the emotions and work through some of the challenges that come with those changes. I feel tremendously fortunate to have someone like Keith to support me as I navigate this stage in my life. I am so grateful our paths have crossed!

By: Eloy C.


Keith's personal journey has equipped him to guide others in unpacking their burdens and mapping a path toward fulfillment and self-love. Conversations with Keith have unlocked insights about my past and patterns, and he offers helpful tools for establishing healthier habits.  His thoughtful questions and gentle demeanor create a comfortable environment for tackling questions that may be uncomfortable to confront. You can explore doubts and possibilities that may have lingered with you for years, leaving each session with a focus on specific opportunities for growth as you move forward. Keith is a perfect partner for doing the work to become the best version of yourself. 

By: Jessica F. 


Keith has provided years of encouraging and clarifying perspectives. He has fostered a healthy self-awareness and an ambition for beneficial change within myself. I've felt "heard" and supported in abundant and accountable ways. The life I live is notably more successful; I am sorting out challenges and finding ways to navigate blockages that were keeping me stagnant. Keith has been one of the most influential pieces of that puzzle, and I am immensely grateful I found him. 

By: Leanne M. 


After experiencing a loss last year I felt a noticeable shift to a darker headspace. Being fortunate enough to have someone like Keith in your corner is like being handed a flashlight and compass. He asks thoughtful questions that provoke self discovery, compassion and growth while hearing you with an empathetic and nonjudgmental ear.  I cant recommend connecting with Keith enough if you need a little help to navigate your potential.  

By: Chelsa D. 


Keith has always been a voice of reason and support for me over the years. He actively listens to what's going on and seeks to compassionately work with you on how to resolve, both on a holistic and introspective level. I've come to value and respect his input on all facets of my life and know he will do the same for anyone.  

By: Andrew V.


Keith has been there for me through several challenging life events.  He provides a safe space to open up and offers feedback in a caring, nonjudgmental way.  His ability to ground me when life feels out of control is absolutely priceless. Keith has shown me that struggles are manageable and that I have the strength to get through them.  I couldn't be more grateful for him and the influence he has had on me!  

By: Emily F. 

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