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About Me

Growing up in a household that was shame based and filled with general anxiety I learned very early on to pay close attention to emotions and actions as a defensive mechanism. Being a queer and neuro-divergent, and a highly sensitive person (HSP), I quickly learned how to hide parts of myself that I was told the world would never accept. Through life experiences I shifted my perspective and was able to utilized all the things I've hidden from myself and the world, turning them into skills for helping others. I have been my own worst critic over the years which lead to being well versed in understanding negative self talk, self-shaming, and self-deprecating humor.  Experiencing addiction, an eating disorder, and sudden death of a significant other, I have been to dark mental spaces and back.  Unlearning all the negative things I was doing to myself, I was able to find alignment with who I really was and wasn't afraid to be my authentic self.  

Over the past few years I have sought out different modalities that can help with the healing process. 

Becoming aware that each human is different and their path to healing isn't defined to a textbook or single mode of thought. As a coach it is my duty to continue my education in order to better serve my clients individual needs and assist them in the best way I can. Here are some of the Certifications I hold as a coach: 

Holistic Life Coaching

The Polyvagal Theory: Manage Anxiety, Trauma & Autism 

Internationally Accredited Certification in Neuroplasticity

Fully Accredited Professional Energy Psychology Coach



My Holistic Rundown


I have struggled with body dysmorphia most of my life. I put down the idea of what normal was and started living for me. Health by listening to my body not the scale. I truly believe that movement helps process so many different things and can be utilized in areas where we find ourselves stuck. I crave creative ways to exercise and enjoy finding new limits in my body. 


Emotions are something I used to suppress and ignore because I was never taught how to deal with them. I have learned to not let my emotions control me. Now they play a role in my every day life and are great reminders of staying in the present.


Religion was forced on me as a child and throughout my formative young adult years. By taking a step back I was able to find something that aligns with me in a spiritual sense. I believe that there is a greater source or higher being out there and that we are all just a small part of the picture. I used meditation as a vehicle to set intentions.  I believe that everyone has the right to their own beliefs in hopes they remember to look after each other and lead with kindness. 


Community is very important to me and something I strive to engage in as often as possible. I surround myself with people who would be considered helpers and people who would be considered creatives. I also gravitate towards people who choose to see the positive in situations and nurture an environment for growth. 

Who I Help

A person looking to have someone hold a safe space to explore their identity and ways forward towards personal responsibility, reflective thinking, self- efficiency

How I Do It

Mirroring, Meditation, Reflection, Motivational Support, Accountability, Mindfulness, Movement 

Your Role 

The ability to show up with the willingness to do the work and openness to guidance 

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