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Elevated Perspective Life Coaching + Somatic Experiences

Transform the relationship with yourself and how you relate to your body

What is Somatic Coaching and who can benefit?

Somatic Coaching is an approach to personal transformation that is rooted in the body. Complimentary with traditional talk therapy it moves our perspective from the brain and cognition to the body and sensation. 

Anyone can benefit from utilizing Somatic Coaching to gain a more active relationship with our bodies, create greater awareness, and comfort in finding our true self.

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My Somatic Experience

I am Keith Jones, the founder of Elevated Perspective Life Coaching. I'm a Certified Holistic Life Coach who utilizes Somatic Exercises to help create greater connection to your body.  My whole life I was told parts of me weren't smart enough, not fast enough, not masculine enough, not physically fit, just too different to succeed.  Due to lack of feeling protected I froze those parts of me as a coping mechanism for this misfit to survive.  After years of talk therapy I came across a therapist who introduced Somatic exercises to my practice. A whole new level of life was unlocked once I was able to tap into my body and provide a safe space for myself to heal from my past trauma. The space where the body tells the mind what trapped and how to release it, is a level of awareness everyone should experience.  

My promise as a Life Coach is to provide that space and make sure you feel supported when searching for ways to cultivate a stronger mind - body connection.  Somatic Coaching can help with : 

  • Assistance with managing an increasing complex world

  • New levels of self-confidence

  • Gain flexibility, resilience, understanding

  • Focus talents on purposeful action

  • Create capacity to produce valuable results

  • Establish a connection with the body to create a sense of wholeness

  • Stronger connection with Relationship and Love 

  • Realization and achievement of life goals




Somatic Coaching Sessions

Achievements are always within reach with the right mind - body connection

A Look Within the Body

Image by Vince Fleming

Deep Dive into Self 

50 min -Guided session that provide a safe space to explore your true self, amplify identity, and enhance inner balance and peace.

Somatic Meditation

Gyan Mudra

Unlocking your Next Step

50 min- Guided session for someone who is ready to explore their body and better manage the various emotions that pass through your mind. This allows change to happen by engaging in new behaviors with experience.

Sensation of Sounds

Buddhist chime

Vibrational Healing

Coming Soon Fall 2023


Keith is such an incredibly supportive, empathetic and understanding person. I've recently gone through some huge life transitions and he's helped me process all the emotions and work through some of the challenges that come with those changes. I feel tremendously fortunate to have someone like Keith to support me as I navigate this stage in my life. I am so grateful our paths have crossed!

-Eloy C.

Contact me to schedule a Free 30 min Consultation before booking a session. 

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